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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Men are better off: Says who??

Men are better off: Says who??

It has been a very common notion that men are better off than women. Well gone are the days when the male factor had something very different about it, especially in the society. However, over time things have changed and now women’s era has indeed started. It doesn’t mean that men have lost their importance, stronghold on the society, or have become inferior now.

But to say that being a man, it is easier to survive, is totally WRONG! If you think so, probably you need to come out of your dreams, open your eyes and face the world. Sure thing, women have their own share of trouble, such as facing unexpected pregnancy, and thankfully we (men) don’t need to bother about such things, but as far as social terms are concerned, today there’s simply nothing, where men face off better than women.

So you say that we’ve lost superiority? Not really, but you need to understand that it’s not about establishing stronghold or superiority, but more about eliminating this mental barrier – the way people see men and women differently, and still don’t believe in equality.

Talk about a ticket booking queue or hospital, you’ll find a separate ladies queue, but stop complaining - it’s for the better, not the worse. Yes, it is obvious that you don’t get special attention like women do; you don’t have any men’s quota just like ladies quota, for job posts, for booking tickets, anything for that matter in this world. But have you thought over it, and analyzed that this should have anyways happened long time back.

So where’s this discussion heading to? Well, let’s stop being a spoilsport and accept that we need to give due respect & the concessions to the women, even if it means that they’re probably now better off than us. You may not agree at first, but just think about the problems your sister, mother, wife, or daughter has faced, and I’m sure you’ll have to nod your head in the very next moment!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Relationship Advice - How to Get Your Ex Back

If your relationship deteriorated to the point that you broke up with your partner, and then you realize that the relationship with your partner was special and had a good essence to it, you can always get your ex back by following the right relationship advice. Of course, if the relationship was not a happy one and it's broken for good, it's time to go ahead and get on with your life.

Often at times, as a relationship deteriorates, one member may try to cling and hold on, to sustain the relationship. If this is what has happened in your case, there's a possibility that if you try to relax, and give your ex some space to work it out in his or her own way, it may help. Giving your ex a bit of breathing space can help them realize that perhaps what was going on was your fear of the breakup itself. They may then realise what the causes for the downfall of the relationship were, and given enough time, your ex may come back to discuss them with you.

You may be surprised to know that you might need a bit of breathing room too. You need time to figure out what exactly went wrong in the relationship, what you can do to help and what is the best way to handle it now. Often at times there is a communication gap and you may need some relationship advice or counselling in order to understand how to communicate effectively. You may find that after you've invested a bit of time, that you either don't want the relationship, or that you really do. Either way, thinking it through will only help.

Another point to keep in mind is to have regular communication with your ex partner. This would be one of the most important things to keep in mind, because if the relationship did end on a bad note, then suddenly asking ur partner to think about getting back would be very weird indeed. It would be nice to keep some friendly contact and seem interested in your partner's life so that he or she does not get a chance to forget about you. You can slowly then in due course of time, hint to your partner that you miss being in the realtionship and would like to get back. Atleast then you have a chance that your ex might consider it and think it over.

As difficult as it seems, you always have a good chance of getting back with your ex, if you can keep an open mind and be ready to listen to what your partner has to say as well. If the partner finds you at fault then do the necessary to keep him or happy and guarantee to your ex that it would never happen again. Being flexible and providing what your partner desires in the relationship is the key to getting back on track with your relationship. Keep these things in mind there is no reason why you cannot get back your loved one.

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