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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Men are better off: Says who??

Men are better off: Says who??

It has been a very common notion that men are better off than women. Well gone are the days when the male factor had something very different about it, especially in the society. However, over time things have changed and now women’s era has indeed started. It doesn’t mean that men have lost their importance, stronghold on the society, or have become inferior now.

But to say that being a man, it is easier to survive, is totally WRONG! If you think so, probably you need to come out of your dreams, open your eyes and face the world. Sure thing, women have their own share of trouble, such as facing unexpected pregnancy, and thankfully we (men) don’t need to bother about such things, but as far as social terms are concerned, today there’s simply nothing, where men face off better than women.

So you say that we’ve lost superiority? Not really, but you need to understand that it’s not about establishing stronghold or superiority, but more about eliminating this mental barrier – the way people see men and women differently, and still don’t believe in equality.

Talk about a ticket booking queue or hospital, you’ll find a separate ladies queue, but stop complaining - it’s for the better, not the worse. Yes, it is obvious that you don’t get special attention like women do; you don’t have any men’s quota just like ladies quota, for job posts, for booking tickets, anything for that matter in this world. But have you thought over it, and analyzed that this should have anyways happened long time back.

So where’s this discussion heading to? Well, let’s stop being a spoilsport and accept that we need to give due respect & the concessions to the women, even if it means that they’re probably now better off than us. You may not agree at first, but just think about the problems your sister, mother, wife, or daughter has faced, and I’m sure you’ll have to nod your head in the very next moment!

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