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Sunday, February 8, 2009

All about relationships!

All about relationships - What can you find on this site...??

You will get everything about relationships, and find related to the following topics:

Relationship dating techniques

-through chat over internet

-body language

-through dating websites

-miscellaneous tips

Ways to end relationships

-decide your way

-total break up

-try to be friends

-be cool

-other tips

How to prevent abusive relationships

- consulting a mediator

-take help

-more tips

People in swinger relationships

-what are swingers



- how long do these relations work

Does my ex still love me quiz

-finding out his/her attitude

-whether s/he has a soft corner for you

-things that you can do to discover the inner feelings

-more tips

Are you really in love

-what are your feelings about him/her

-how strong are they?

-personal opinions

-your ways of defining love

Future love predictions

-assessing the present life


-tips to improve relation

-the inferences drawn from past & present scenario

Real love spells I can perform:

-power of words

-ways to make up

-your skills in resolving the issues

-personal tips

Help me save my marriage

-consulting a marriage counselor

-mutual settlement of disputes

-showing your affection

How can I save my marriage?

-the issues

-it’s never too late

-various ways for survival

-keep the faith alive

-don’t give up try to make up the relation

How to save your marriage when you have been unfaithful

-admit your mistake

-beg pardon

-give assurance that such a thing will never happen again

-explain the scenario that forced the issue

Saving a marriage activities

-marriage counseling

-common issues

-solving problem

-mutual settlements

how to win back an ex

-understanding the partner’s problems

-active listening

-facing the problems

-reassuring your partner

Advice on how to get my ex girlfriend back

-winning the trust back

-showing your affection

-hear out your partner

-don’t avoid the matter

Getting over a relationship break up

-initial problems

-it’s not easy but you must move on

-life is not too short

-looking forward to a better tomorrow

How to get over a romantic breakup

-the pain

-tips to get over

-forget the past

-don’t let past & present spoil the future

Bad breakup letters

-adding to your troubles

-ways to get over

-do’s and don’ts

-personal tips

How to get over sudden breakup

- Don't dwell

- Take the time to understand what happened.

- Give yourself time to overpower your emotions

- Moving on

- Try something new

How to survive a breakup

-confess the mistakes

-effective communication

-do’s and don’ts

-other tips

Do married men ever leave their wives?



-reasons behind the cause

-what next

Relationships jealousy insecurity


-how & why

-do’s and don’ts


-other tips

How to stop jealousy

-understanding the relation

-avoiding unnecessary confrontation

-different tips to stop jealousy

-do’s and don’ts

What causes jealousy?

-less attention to spouse

-personal interaction with others

-personal secretary of opposite sex

-closeness with any pal of opposite sex at workplace

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