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Saturday, February 14, 2009

Ways to end relationships

Ways to end relationships

When everything fails and none of your options seem to work, then perhaps its time for you to end such a relationship. While saying the term end a relationship doesn’t literally mean ending it all the way always and there are actually many ways of ending relationships.

One of the ways of ending relationships includes the typical impulsive way with “to hell with you” sort of attitude, putting a full stop to a damaged relationship all of a sudden. But beware of the fact that if the relationship had matured quite a bit then not only just your partner, but rather you would also suffer emotionally for quite a long time by adopting such a severe way to end the relationship.

So it would be wise to keep yourself calm and possibly try to end the relationship on a relatively positive note. Probably you could consider that this is the best thing to do, as the relationship is going nowhere so ending it, would perhaps be result in betterment of the situation.

Another way to end relationships is the concept of the still being ‘just friends’ in future, but putting an end to the commitments and the relationship as a whole, in a way. Although this is considered to be one of the ways to end relationships but in a more realistic sense it still leaves good chances of getting your ex back in future. So if you feel that probably things are not right at the moment and the situation is truly out of control but over time there is a possibility of something positive to happen, then this is the best way to end your relationship, for time being.

Moreover you must also keep in mind that it’s just not the matter of considering the better ways to end relationships, but rather even possibly thinking over the ways to sustain it as well, by patiently analyzing whatever happened with an unbiased opinion and having that “let-go off” feeling in your heart.

You must remember that it doesn’t really matter how you end a relationship today, but it’s most certain that the memories of a matured and intense relation will surely haunt you for a long time. In many cases it has been seen that the impact of ending an emotionally intense relationship has been as painful as losing the loved one fore ever, in an accident or similar cases.

So just remember that it could very well be your decision of the lifetime, hence make sure that you keep the option of ending a strong existing relationship to be your last resort!

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