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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The key factors behind jealousy and insecurity in relationships

The key factors behind jealousy and insecurity in relationships... Beware of these!

Usually it happens that insecurities begin to dwell up even in healthy relationships over time, and one of the most powerful behind it is jealousy. More often than not, people tend to forget the basic instincts of human nature and this basically results in jealousy and ultimately sows the roots of insecurities in life.

It’s always important to maintain proper interactions with your partner on a daily basis consistently to avoid insecurities, as most of the times just couple of intimate sentences serve the purpose of clarification of all the problems.

Despite being in a relationship, many a time people often get too close to their pals of opposite sex at work place or outside. It doesn’t matter whether it is intentional or not, but if it’s noticed by your partner then most probably this will cause jealousy, giving rise to a feeling of insecurity in the relationship. In this regard it’s very important to keep such interactions open to your partner and tell them that it’s not a matter to feel insecure about the relationship.

Moreover you must also re-assure your partner that their place is special in your heart, and there’s no one else in your life. Doing so greatly avoids scope of any jealousy or feeling of insecurity.

As a matter of fact, it’s not wrong to have close interactions with your good pals and it’s perfectly fine if your best pal belongs to opposite sex. But you must draw a line to the limits of the friendship and interaction, and ensure that you don’t cross it to avoid insecurity in your present relationship.

Furthermore it has also been observed that most of the times, the feeling of insecurity begins to dwell within your partner more and more, creating lack of confidence in you with every passing day, mainly on account of jealousy. Such a feeling of insecurity would give rise to frustration, a feeling of dissatisfaction, dismay and discontent within your partner and this may certainly do irreparable damages to your present.

So the key to avoid any possibility of feeling of jealousy and ultimately sense of insecurity in your relationship is to possibly ensure effective communication with your partner, providing scope of crystal clear view of all the happenings in your present life, thereby clearing any doubts creeping up inside him/her.

Last but not the least, you must always remember that hiding anything will only create problems, to just clear out things at that very moment to avoid any chances of creation of feeling of jealousy and insecurity in your relationship!

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